Look Your Best From Head to Toe

Look Your Best From Head to Toe

A Double-Header Evening of Expertise

Build your Spring Wardrobe with a Stylist

Looking at your spring wardrobe and wondering what to add into the mix? Come take advantage of the advice of an expert.

Carrie-Ann Nihmey Smye, Simple Glamour for Real Women, dresses some the the busiest and best dressed women in York Region. And now you can tap into her style know-how. Hear and see how Carrie-Ann pulls together pieces to maximize your budget and update your wardrobe.

What Does Your Face Say About You?

Michelle Butt, Owner, Facial Intelligence Expert will share her professional insights on what you and others can learn about your face. Relationships, personal or professional, are important and what our face is saying can speak volumes. Come learn what it really means to  be taken ‘At Face Value’.

Limit 40 attendees

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